The sulphates are antimicrobial additives which are used since the ancient times by the Egyptians and the Romans, even now they are in a lot of aliments although the harmful effects that they have for the health.

In the shellfish the sulphates are used to prevent the melanosis, in the same time the sulphates cause an unpleasant and irritating odour, but first of all they cause the destruction of the nutritive values and potential undesired allergic reactions.

In the CE’s program “Life Quality” we found the best technologies which substitute the sulphates, and the strict test of laboratory associated to sensorial investigations have confirmed that the achievement of excellent qualitative standard was possible only with the organic composite “Prawnfresh”

The Merieux Nutrisciences instituite that has done all the microbiological test on our prawns has certificated the absence of sulphates and all the people that have contribute for the sensorial test have affirmed the excellent organoleptic properties of the product recognizing the maximum score for the colour, the texture, the odour and the taste. We are proud to confirm that the Rosso di Mazara prawn “twenty-nine” and “Dandy” are the unique in the world with none sulphite.